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We can identify mold issues in homes and commercial buildings.

Mold is a major problem for any property. It can reduce your indoor air quality and can trigger reactions in people who have asthma, other respiratory issues, or allergies. In addition, mold feeds on organic matter. As it eats away your wood or supports in your property, it causes severe structural damage that can be irreversible in some cases. Your best bet for avoiding a mold issue is catching it before it is a problem for you. That’s why you should always get a mold inspection before you buy a home or commercial property.

Mold Inspection in Rockport, Texas

In addition to getting a mold inspection before you purchase a property, there are several other times you should get one.

  • There’s been water damage- If your home or building has experienced flooding, leaks, or any other problem that creates a moist environment for mold to grow, you should get a mold inspection.
  • The building has been unoccupied for a long time- If no one has been living in a house or using a certain building for quite a while, it’s important to check for mold because no one has been around to notice the signs of mold and take care of the problem.
  • There has been mold there before- If your home or building previously had a mold problem, you should inspect for mold periodically to ensure it hasn’t returned.

At MDS Inspection Services LLC, we are experienced in carrying out mold inspections. If you need to check for mold at a house or commercial property in Rockport, Texas, don’t hesitate to give us a call!